Rotor blade and tower service

From scratch

Rotorblatt-ServiceWe have accumulated our know-how regarding rotor blades over many years. As such, we have learnt how to handle and process artificial and fibre composite materials from scratch.

As a rule, the rotor blades are not the focus of attention for the operators of wind turbines. On occasion one gets the impression that the wind turbine consists of just the tower and the nacelle. But believe us: With years of use, exposed to rain, frost and lightning strikes, the blades need care. Professional maintenance and repair work not only extends the life span of the blades, but also increases profitability incredibly.

This is why we have included rotor blade and tower service in our range of services: Starting with simple cleaning and surface protection, through assessment of the blades (cost effective using rope technique and HD camera system), to repairs and maintenance.

And as it is our ambition to do everything we  do with excellence, our rotor blade service is, of course, certified by Germanischer Lloyd.


Kai Wiechmann
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