Electro-technical planning
and grid connection
Elektrische Planung – Windkraftanlagen

Saving your nerves

Elektrotechnische Planung und NetzanbindungenFew other sectors of wind power require as much knowledge and experience as this one. Have you ever discussed the criteria regarding supplying to the grid with the grid operator or debated the sense of parts of the licensing procedure with the authorities? In this case you know just how much time this can cost.

Whether it be track planning, network layout, cost-benefit analyses or electro-technical licensing procedures, we have the necessary knowledge and the experience in order to support you with your projects and to direct escalating debates back onto a constructive track. Many of our senior staff have been with our company for over twenty years. With regard to experience and personal contacts we represent something like the dinosaurs of wind power. Only that we – in contrast to the dinosaurs – have consistently gained in innovative ability.


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