Electrical assembly
Elektrische Montage – Windkraftanlagen


Elektrische MontageEveryone has strengths and weaknesses. In our case this sector is clearly one of our outstanding strengths, as our first steps in the wind energy business were taken in turbine electrical systems. The story of REETEC started with the wiring of a 150 kW turbine. At the time that was a fascinating challenge – how the size of the nacelle and the length of the rotor blades impressed us! In the meantime we are used to much greater things. Today our customers’ turbines achieve forty times as much and are much, much bigger. Looking back, we sometimes ask ourselves: “Did those small turbines actually fit in the boot or did we have to hire a minibus?”

Nowadays the equipment and the wiring of the towers is a science in itself. We know our stuff and can handle it just as well as the electrical system in and around the park, whether it be substations (110 kV), grid connection, medium voltage networks (park wiring) or transformer and switch stations. But also commissioning and fault clearance are part of our range of services.
Whereby you can, of course, besides services, obtain all required materials from us. Yes, even complete substations. Sometimes we too wonder what ever became of the story with our little 150 kW turbine.


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